Teachers salary in Memphis (near Memphis)

    I'm currently teaching in NY, and am seriously considering a
    move to Memphis.My two biggest worries:
    1- salary: Judging by the salary schedule I found on their
    website, I would be taking a huge salary cut, and my salary
    wouldn't increase much over time. Do they make salary
    adjustments based on graduate or in-service credits? In my
    district, you can boost your salary by about 1,000 each year
    by taking classes.

    I realize the cost of living is lower, but it goes wrong for
    me within 2-3 years.. It seems that my current salary
    already tops their max.

    2- The 'rowdy' kids. I work in one of the worst districts in
    NY state now- as far as rowdy kids go, but since I've been
    here five years, our school has improved, and my reputation
    has started to precede me. My kids aren't too horrible now;
    but horrible is in the eye of the beholder. For example, the
    worst behavior at my school is fighting, theft, and bringing
    drugs to school. We have fights less than once a week, the
    drugs happen (are caught) once a month or less, theft
    happens all the time.

    What is 'rowdy' in Memphis??
    Anything anyone can tell me...?