Re: Teaching near Nashville
Crazy about teaching

    On 6/05/08, Jennifer wrote:
    > Personally, the best schools are in northern, TN. This would
    > be Sumner and Robertson Counties or even Macon and Trousdale
    > Counties. This counties are mainly small schools with small
    > class sizes. For Sumner County, the starting salary is
    > $32,000. The further you go out such as Macon and Trousdale
    > counties these will have very small class sizes since these
    > are mainly farm kids. Sumner County is only about 20 minutes
    > to downtown Nashville, but still is very rural also. Good Luck
    > to you guys!!!
    > Jennifer
    > On 6/02/08, Glenda 4TN wrote:
    >> It is possilbe to find a "small town" school outside of the
    >> Metro Nashville area, but it won't be easy. Try some of the
    >> surrounding areas: Williamson County, Franklin City School
    >> District (highest paying area), Rutherford County,
    >> Murfreesboro City School District, and Wilson County. These
    >> areas are south, east and west of Nashville. I'm not
    >> familiar with the northern areas. There are several private
    >> schools in the Metro Nashville area.
    >> My daughter teaches in the Metro Nashville area. She loves
    >> it, but you must have a heart for the inner city child.
    >> I wish you luck.
    >> Glenda 4TN
    >> On 5/30/08, Jamie wrote:
    >>> My husband is toying with the idea of tranfering in his
    >>> job to Nashville. I teach in SC now (first grade) and was
    >>> wondering if you could tell me about Nashville schools. I
    >>> tried looking for salary info on the dept. of ed site but
    >>> couldn't navigate it well. I have never been to TN. I
    >>> would love to teach in a small town outside of Nashville
    >>> as I'm a small town kind of girl. My current school is K4-
    >>> 2 with 400 students. It has a real family feel. Any
    >>> school districts like that around? Any info you can give
    >>> me would be appreciated.