Re: How is teaching in Tennessee???

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your response:)

    On 8/22/09, tony wrote:
    > On 7/13/09, Ashley wrote:
    >> I was just curious how teaching was in TN.. I just have the
    >> urge to teach out of PA (where I have always lived) and I
    >> feel like I would really like TN. Plus there is a lot I
    >> would like to see there.. I think it would be an overall
    >> great experience. I have one more year or school to go..
    >> Student teaching in the Spring! If you have any advice..
    >> Encouragement.. haha OR ANYTHING, let me know! :) :)
    >> BTW I'm an art ed major:)
    >> THANKS! Ashley
    > Hi,
    > I teach in Tennessee, and in the best place: Sevier County
    > where Gatlirburg and Pigeon Forge is. Living here is nice.
    > I am from here but lived out of state a lot and was in the
    > military. The benefits and pay, however, are marginal. With
    > a bachelor's, starting salary is only 34k.... ttyl
    > Tony