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Hi, everyone!

I have a difficult situation and hope that you might be able to help. A junior high teacher at a religious private school must go on leave (for personal resons) for the remainder of the year, and this school offered me her position. I have college teaching experience but have never taught the grade or the subjects I will be teaching and I do not have a teaching certificate. However, I like teaching, and the money is good, so I signed a contract last week despite some hesitations regarding my ability to the job well and some weird feelings. After signing the contract, I was given a tour of the school and found myself growing increasingly uncomfortable with my role there, and I have spent much of the time since signing the contract questioning my decision.

I am supposed to begin teaching in a few weeks but am considering backing out of my contract. I certainly do not want to do such a thing, as I am usually very professional, but I cannot get over this f...See More
Deana I would try it first before I backed out. You never know what's going to happen. You may find that you love, or that you hate it. If it doesn't work out, you can always speak with the principal and let him know it's not working. But give it a chance first.

On 10/18/09, teachn1 wrote: > Hi, everyone! > > I have a difficult situatio...See More
Oct 18, 2009
teachn1 Thank you, Deana. My main concern with trying it and risking that it doesn't work is the students. They will have already lost one teacher this year, and I don't know how it would affect them to lose two. I don't want to be the reason even one student becomes lost or begins to dislike school. But perhaps this is a risk I should take. As you said, i...See More
Oct 18, 2009

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