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I am relocating to TN in July from AZ. I am fully certified here and have been teaching middle school social studies and language arts for my entire teaching career, 7 years. When I submitted my application and received my certification back I was only certified K6 whereas here in AZ I am K8. TN is telling me that the only way I can teach middle school again is if I take the Middle School Praxis. This is mildly freaking me out. From what I can tell it covers all subjects - math, science, language arts/reading, and science. I don't know math or science but middle school is all I know how to teach. Is the test really all that bad??? Any help, input, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
kcmom Things may have changed, but I believe that you could take the middle grades Praxis in the subject areas that you want to teach. For example, you could take the social studies Praxis and the language arts Praxis.

It really just depends on what you want to teach. Many principals like for you to be able to teach all four subjects, but in my...See More
Apr 30, 2010

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