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In my experience working for EDIS across Navy, AF, and Army programs, there has been a vast difference between each branch and their culture/management style. Is the same true for DoDEA stateside programs? Are the Army schools pretty top-down and micromanaged in their management approach and AF schools more laissez-faire?
Icanread I haven't noticed a difference between branches, but there are definitely big differences between the different Dodea districts.
IsItFriday? No. There's very little difference.

There are no Army schools. The schools are DoDEA schools on Army bases, and DoDEA schools on Air Force bases.

But neither the Army or the Air Force has much influence on the schools, beyond demographics, and local issues.

The schools serve the military obviously, but the schools do not...See More
Jan 10
JJJ123 My experience suggests that as a whole, DoDEA is more like the Army in its management style. Stiff, micromanagey, more worried about titles and protocol, and how we've always done it. Just my two cents...
Jan 11

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