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Two weeks ago, I interviewed for my DoDDS dream job. Was thrilled to get the invite, and grateful that it went well. Have not yet heard back. Still hopeful, but wondering if I should move on to a stateside civilian opportunity that has arisen. What HR email address might yield a status update?
haha Congrats on the interview and sorry you have not heard good news as of yet. As for a status update, you may or may not have any satisfaction with HR. They generally will not shed much light on the situation since they do not really consider a position filled until the successful candidate has accepted and been fully processed, which can take months...See More
Sep 15, 2022
BlueSky Thanks @haha, I appreciate your response! I did contact HR and they quickly got back to me. There was a glitch in the referral list system which created some confusion. Basically, I received a referral list email for a position in an altogether different locale than the one for which I actually interviewed. In any case, the HR answer was not what I...See More
Sep 20, 2022

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