Re: Question about working at a daycare
    I would

    stay in a public school. You have benefits there, paid
    vacation AND you get paid more. BUT if you must, try to get a
    K job like someone else said.

    On 3/29/09, ETC wrote:
    > I am having a baby in September and I am really interested
    > in teaching preschool or working at a daycare. I've
    > taught kindergarten for 4 yrs and 1st grade for 1. I have
    > absolutely no idea how much teaching preschool pays. I
    > need to know because I'm not sure if this is a logical
    > choice for me and my kid. Obviously, I would want my baby
    > to go to the daycare where I work, one of the benefits of
    > working at a daycare. I live in Raleigh, NC, but
    > information on anywhere would be helpful.
    > 1. How much do preschool teachers typically get paid?
    > 2. What kind of discounts to most daycares offer to
    > employees.
    > Please help, I don't know how else to get this
    > information. Unlike public school teachers, salaries are
    > not public.