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Welcome to the Co-Teaching Chatboard. This chatboard is for teachers to discuss issues, strategies and experiences related to Co-Teaching, And Cooperative Teaching programs.

Co-teaching has been described as: . . .a model that emphasizes collaboration and communication among all members of a team to meet the needs of all students.

Special Connections, Univ of Kansas

The NEA offers 6 Steps to Successful Co-Teaching.

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CJ I know this may not be the place for this post, but I tried the "contact us" link and got the 404 message.

One thing I just noticed, that is easy to miss and should be easy to correct is that on the "quick links" drop-down menu, the word childcare is spelled without the "d". Just thought you'd want to correct it.

Another thing i...See More
Jun 26, 2011
Bob R/CA Hi CJ - I missed your response, the system in 2011 didn't alert you when you had a response. It looks like your ideas were addressed through improvements over time anyway - thanks for your feedback!
Aug 8, 2017

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