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I need ideas on how to deal with an uncooperative four year old. When he is disapointed in something, he runs away and says he is mad and refuses to join the group. He gets upset when another child has a birthday, he yells when it is nap time, he throws toys when he doesn't get his way etc. His mom doesn't know how to deal with him.
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Leah I agree with Glenda.

You may need to explore more with the parent. The following guidelines could be helpful. Also click on Parent Tips for 11 reproducible parenting handouts that you could share with the mom. All are complimentary.
Mar 28, 2011
Donna Kosloff All behavior serves a function. If you can identify the function that the disruptive behavior serves for your four year old then you can replace the negative behaviors with positive behaviors along as the replaced behavior serves the same function.

Focusing on positive attributes is also helpful, compliments whenever possible, no matter h...See More
Mar 28, 2011
Sara On 3/27/11, ruth wrote:

With some kids even kids this young I've asked, "Does this work for you, John? Is it working for you? Does this make you happy John?" (long pause and usually John or Susie or whatever looks pretty surprised to be asked such questions)

And then go on - "because it doesn't look like it's working for you to m...See More
Mar 28, 2011
WOW WOW! If you follow this advice you might want to warn the Kinder teacher that the child will need counseling by the time he gets to her.

The other posters had better advice. jmo

On 3/28/11, Sara wrote:

> With some kids even kids this young I've asked, "Does this > work for you, John? Is it working for you? Does thi...See More
Sep 20, 2011
Hilary Mosher In my class, there are always at least two people at the beginning of each year who are trying to see what behaviors they can practice that will allow them to control their environment. They often do this by being oppositional and/or defiant, and mostly within the group setting. I explain to them why their cooperation is important and that I need t...See More
Oct 17, 2011

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