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Hello, my name is Jasmine. I have a project for Early Childhood Education class and we are to interview a preschool teacher and ask them to answer these following questions. If you are not busy it would be gladly appreciated if you could answer these 10 questions in your perspective. Thank you.

1. How do you identify children's needs, interests, and abilities?

2. How did you develop your program's philosophies, goals, and objectives?

3. How did you decide which curriculum to offer to the children of your program?

4. What are the expectations for creating and implementing lesson plans at your school?

5. How does your program implement effective record keeping?

6. How many activites do you do a day for the children?

7. How do you handle bad behavior?

8. Do you award the children for good behavior?

9. What made you decide to work in this field?

10. Any advice you would consider for worki...See More

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