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Yeah, I was the one who asked about the catholic school position. Actually, I started out in parochial schools way back when the earth was cooling...

I was set to dive back into things. Started out that way and wrapping up in the same fashion seemed almost poetic. Think I might have said that.

Well, got an email (not a phone call or a personal explanation) this past thursday, barely hours before my long term sub position was to begin, telling me that a full time, licensed math person had been found and I was no longer needed.

Understand the need to have a fully licensed teacher in the position. Do NOT understand the way the message was conveyed to me. Totally callous and unprofessional, IMHO, particularly since I had already registered, on line ($120) to take the math praxis and spent 50 bucks on notebooks and math materials in anticipation of this assignment.

I had some weak and indecisive administrators when I was in catholic schools before, but no...See More

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