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    Re: Need help with FBA / BIP

    Here are several things to keep in mind before going to FBA/BIP

    1) You mentioned preschool - is the behavior you are seeing
    typical of preschoolers? What interventions have been put in
    place? Are you sure the child is understanding what is needed/ask
    of him?
    2) THe BIP needs to be consistent across all settings and would
    be enforced by all who work with that child, so they need to be
    in on the process.
    3) Try some visual supports/positive reinforcement first, and see
    if that helps.

    On 2/06/17, AM part 2 wrote:
    >> Have to split this due to sp am filters
    > I saw him do it when he knew I was watching. That is a clue. He
    > isn't going to do something in front of me that is wrong.
    > He has good control of the bike and is as good a rider as any of
    > the kids.
    > He doesn't do it all the time.
    > So I watched and thought.
    > In the middle of dinner the lightbulb goes on. He wasn't doing
    > it when they were racing down the street.
    > I call the neighbor and asked her to ask her son if he will come
    > out to ride bikes to test a theory on my son running into his
    > bike. I have them stand on their bikes and show my son the
    > distance needed between the bikes so he doesn't hit the other
    > childs tire when riding. Then we practiced with him following
    > the neighbor child with me calling out when he was closing that
    > distance. Then I had them ride in circles etc doing the same
    > thing. I helped the next couple times they were all out riding.
    > Problem solved.
    > It was a spatial issue. He needed help to identify and practice
    > on how it should look TO HIM in order for him not to hit the
    > other kids tires.
    > I found these to be the kinds of behaviors the school tended to
    > label attention seeking or even bullying though they didn't use
    > that term.
    > With the help of a district liaison we abandoned the FBA's and
    > they let me and the district person who was very good at
    > behaviors work out what was going on with him. Once we figured
    > out the root cause a plan was rarely needed at all. We just
    > addressed the issue which was usually a relatively quick fix
    > that she addressed with the teacher or engineered out what we
    > could on others that he couldn't control yet (ie sensory
    > Here is some info on FBA/BIPS
    > As for suggestions for a teacher when you are gone, they need a
    > copy and need to follow the BIP.