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Ney how you going? I am looking for a tutor for a friend she is 30. Has autism spectrum disorder and seizures. She is very serious about getting her life together. she learn at a lower leavel.

Am looking for someone perfectly who is a special ed teacher or knows about this stuff. She is wanting to be tutored on daily life skills. For about three days a week for about thred hours.she is would need to be picked up in a car with a/c and perfure a non smoker.

Would like to get started soon can pay you once a no or she. Gas is empty. PS she would sometimes like tiein her faith how God getshef through future.
Kathy I am having a hard time following this. She wants to learn life skills. Understandable. Three days a week. Understandable. Picked up in a car with a/c, preferably a nonsmoker. Um. Okay. Where does she plan on going to learn life skills. I understand learning about the grocery store and shopping, but what else does she need to learn that would take ...See More
May 15, 2017

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