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My name is Bradley Smith and I am a Special Education Teacher in the state of Washington. I recently completed my first novel titled A Special Education in Anxiety. It follows the story of a young teacher who has recently developed an anxiety disorder that is causing him to experience daily panic attacks, racing fuzzy-headed thoughts, and an inability to communicate with adults without breaking out into a cold sweat. Through the corse of the story, the narrator learns, with the help of his special needs students, how to better think about and live with his new disorder.

This story is told with the same heart and charm as Wonder by RJ Palacio, but has more of an emphasis of the everyday interworking of the life inside a Special Education classroom that you all know so well! :) I hope this book brings readers encouragement and practical ideas on how they can work through their own anxiety.

https://www.amazon.com/Special-Education-Anxiety-Bradley-Smith/dp/1985577968/ref...See More

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