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Hi everyone. I just joined and I'm in the ending stages of finishing up my course work for my M/M special education credential. It is my second year teaching and all I can say is that it has been rough. In between school and work, I volunteer with a couple youth programs in my area. I love my students and enjoy special education, but it can be real draining and I feel like I'm entering the beginning stages of depression. How do you all cope with the emotional baggage that it takes to be in special education?

It might help to know that I also work with high school students that are dealing with the stage of thinking that sex, drugs and alcohol are "cool".
FutureMs.S Hi I'm about to do SPED as well. My teacher said a major part of SPED is finding time to decompress. Find something. I like walks around the park or drawing. You also should find someone who know me what you are going through and vent to them. We all need someone. If you are religious pray. We all need to decompress. Being a teacher is tough work. ...See More
Jan 27, 2019
haha I am also a SPED teacher and have taught in a couple of different states, a few different countries with int'l schools and now teach with DoDEA in Japan (going on 15 total years or so of SPED, so I guess I beat the odds!). One of the upsides is job security and I have found positions all over the world when I was ready/needed to move on.

I...See More
Jan 27, 2019
val Thank you TeeSmith and haha for writing back. I greatly appreciate it. I will try all of your suggestions, one at a time and see what helps. I am scared of getting burnt out. My students and staff are great but it has been feeling like I am doing it all alone. I do need to find an outlet for all of it. My mother is a teacher as well and when I vent...See More
Jan 27, 2019
Wanderlust Hello Val... I have been in the teaching field for 20 years, all in Special Education. I have taught an array of students. I taught Preschool Children with Disabilities & Kindergarten my first year of teaching with DoDEA in Japan.

After my first year of teaching, I moved back to the states due to personal reasons, and taught in a self...See More
Jun 4, 2019

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