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I am a certified teacher and I would like to become a special education teacher working with students who are in self-contained classrooms. I have an EC-12 SPED certification. Are there other special education certifications I can get or other steps I can take to make myself more marketable as a self-contained special education teacher?

One more question: is it worth it to get a Masters in Special Education?

Thank you!

Thomas Bubb
haha It depends on what else your state may offer. Fl used to be specialized but then went to the same type blanket SPED cert.

In many states/locations, those jobs are often open and hard to fill/keep people in so I would think someone would give you a chance. Have you looked/applied for self-contained SPED jobs? Many of those students would al...See More
May 30, 2019
haha A Masters would be helpful but may not be necessary if you can get your foot in the door somewhere and just start logging successful SPED experience. What else are you certified in and have you taught it before?
May 30, 2019

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