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Dialogue: A Seed for Global Relations **
Hillol Ray

The spirit and vision of human beings can be kept alive
Through “dialogue” as the key-
Irrespective of social status, money, and dwelling
From heaven to sea!
Dialogue knows no cultural, geographic,
Or social boundaries on this wide open Earth-
And may open the door to a process of reconciliation
To douse the flame from disparity or racial hearth!

Dialogue can remove the insurmountable walls
Between people and create a new vision-
To embrace interdependence of mankind
And promote diversity as the secret mission!
Replacement of hostility and confrontation can be achieved
Via open dialogue without a doubt-
And conceive our diversity as a step towards peace
To eliminate the matching game of shout!

Dialogue may strengthen friendly relations
Among the nations that we desperately need-
And remove the threats to global peace
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