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Hello, I'm a SPED teacher who pushes in to 9th grade GE ELA classes. The students are being asked to write an essay with no accommodation to determine their baseline. I was told my the team lead that even though we give them graphic organizers for essays on the accommodations page in the IEP, we would not be doing it for this assessment.

The problem is, is that it is graded. I believe the students should get their accommodations set forth in their IEP but, the ELA team and the SPED Team Lead disagree with me. Can someone shed some light on this for me? I understand wanting a baseline but, I have concerns with penalizing a SPED student with a low grade if they don't perform well.
mscrawford101 The IDEA also believes that students should get their accommodations. While I can see both sides of the argument here but it is pretty simple: if it's in the IEP, unless specifically stated otherwise, the kid gets it. Let's talk compliance first. Denying a student accommodations so that they can access their general education curriculum is a substa...See More
Nov 5, 2017

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