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Mostly in the sped classroom, but also some general ed English. Last year, I began inclusion in the English classrooms. It went ok, except for a new teacher who started her first year in December. She has NO classroom management. She has NO routines, NO clear expectations. I just learned I will be spending half of my day with her this next year. I know she is young and fresh, but I don't see her developing strong or even mediocre management this next year. I have never been in this position before and I'm not sure what steps to take. I want to help her, but she balked at even gentle suggestions last semester and I don't want to alienate her. Especially when we will be spending so much time together and I need her to cooperate with me. Any advice welcome.
haha Been there. Try and meet with her prior to the school year at a planned and low key time and place.

Have some suggestions/guidelines ready to share but go out of your way to phrase everything in a way that makes it clear that you are saying this is what your students will need/would benefit from (as opposed to what she should be doing acco...See More
Jun 16, 2018

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