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In my high school special education program, as part of the new grade 8 students enrolling (my school is an 8-12 school), a student entered our program that has challenged many of us within the department. This is a student who struggles academically, socially and displays oppositional defiant disorder type behaviour. My team and I have worked closely together to try and figure out ways to engage this learner, but we have had little success. This student does not believe that they have any sort of cognitive deficit(s), therefore, do not understand why they need assistance. We have tried to explain to this student why they receive the support that they do, but they still do not understand. This individual struggles immensely with peer interactions and will often find themselves in argumentative-type conversations with others. This is a student who is constantly in the back of my mind because nothing I do seems to aid them. My goal for September is to try and bu...See More

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