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Hello, I'm a seit teacher working in a preschool classroom. Child is acting out after I leave the room. Resistant to follow directions. Speaking disrespectfully to his teacher, etc. I haven't worked on an FBA/BIP in a while. I'd love feedback on creating an FBA/BIP. take baseline data/take data for BIP./ Suggestions for classroom teacher for when I am gone ? Thanks for any feedback.
AM Just so you know I am not a teacher but I would like to share a personal story. I found that most FBA's that were done at my child's school weren't worth the paper they were written on. If they are not done correctly the BIP will not change the behavior. The root cause of the behavior is critical and we tend to think in our little boxes, not theirs...See More
Feb 6, 2017
AM part 2 > Have to split this due to sp am filters

I saw him do it when he knew I was watching. That is a clue. He isn't going to do something in front of me that is wrong. He has good control of the bike and is as good a rider as any of the kids. He doesn't do it all the time. So I watched and thought.

In the middle of dinner the light...See More
Feb 6, 2017
teach Here are several things to keep in mind before going to FBA/BIP

1) You mentioned preschool - is the behavior you are seeing typical of preschoolers? What interventions have been put in place? Are you sure the child is understanding what is needed/ask of him? 2) THe BIP needs to be consistent across all settings and would be enforced by all...See More
Mar 6, 2017

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