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Hello, I'm a seit teacher working in a preschool classroom. Child is acting out after I leave the room. Resistant to follow directions. Speaking disrespectfully to his teacher, etc. I haven't worked on an FBA/BIP in a while. I'd love feedback on creating an FBA/BIP. take baseline data/take data for BIP./ Suggestions for classroom teacher for when I am gone ? Thanks for any feedback.
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AM part 2 > Have to split this due to sp am filters

I saw him do it when he knew I was watching. That is a clue. He isn't going to do something in front of me that is wrong. He has good control of the bike and is as good a rider as any of the kids. He doesn't do it all the time. So I watched and thought.

In the middle of dinner the light...See More
teach Here are several things to keep in mind before going to FBA/BIP

1) You mentioned preschool - is the behavior you are seeing typical of preschoolers? What interventions have been put in place? Are you sure the child is understanding what is needed/ask of him? 2) THe BIP needs to be consistent across all settings and would be enforced by all...See More

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