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Hello! I am new to this chat room. I am also new to the classroom I'm in currently. A para in my class (I have 8) is on her cell phone often when it's not her break time. She is assigned to a student and does not work with him very much- just the bare minimum she has to do. She spends the rest of the time socializing with other paras. At whole school meetings, the teachers all announced a cell phone policy. That if they need to use it, they can take it outside. I'm looking for the "right way" to ask a para to put their cell phone away. Any ideas that might work? Any suggestions will help. Thank you!
haha You can start with having a team meeting and reviewing things that have come from the staff meeting, admin etc. A "Let's all remember", best practices type of thing. If that has no impact then you will need to be a little more direct and simply communicate that this population requires complete attention and focus and phone usage should be for brea...See More
Nov 22, 2017
Andrea Thank you! That really helps! :) We do have monthly meetings so I'll reiterate it. ...Just venting but, I don't think she's going to make too much of a change and have been talking to the "higher ups" about "next steps" already in case things don't change. I heard that she's had a history of these kinds of behaviors. She was there a year before me ...See More
Nov 23, 2017
haha No problem. It's never fun when the adults in the room are more stressful than the students. Good TA's are a blessing but when the para undermines you or makes your job harder they are a curse. Hang in there. Be consistent and start a paper trail (emails where you restate what you have talked about with her are always good :D).

I'm lucky t...See More
Nov 23, 2017
Andrea Thank you! :)
Nov 23, 2017

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